“Everything Within Me Burbles”- Actress Bukola Omosuwa Shower Prayer Ad Her Apprentice Acquired A Brand New Car.

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Famous actress Kemi Korede recently shared a heartwarming video on her Instagram, where she and others offered prayers and conducted a car sanctification ritual for her junior colleague, Bukola Omosuwa Omoge-Ikale, who just acquired a new car in the movie industry. Congratulations to Bukola on this remarkable milestone!

In the video, Kemi Korede conveyed warm wishes to her dear friend, Bukola, for a safe and blessed journey with her new car. She fervently prayed for the guidance of angels on the road, protecting her from any harm. Kemi also expressed her hope that the car would bring joy, freedom, and success to Bukola, leading her to places of happiness and achievements. It’s heartwarming to see such support and camaraderie among colleagues in the entertainment industry.

Sending heartfelt congratulations to my dear daughter, Bukola mi @bukola_omogeikale 💃💃💃 as you embark on this new journey with your car. My prayer for you is one of safety and blessings. May the angels guide your every move on the road, protecting you from harm’s way, and may your car become a vessel of joy and freedom, leading you to places of happiness and accomplishment.

Always remember to drive with caution and responsibility, showing respect for others on the road. Let your car be a symbol of your hard work and determination, a constant reminder of the rewards that come from perseverance.

This significant milestone marks a new chapter in your life. May this new car bring you happiness and serve as a reminder of your potential to achieve great things. IJN 🙏 @bukola_omogeikale Love you always ❤️❤️❤️

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Bukola Omosuwa Omoge-Ikale is a versatile figure in Nollywood, showcasing her talents as an actress, commercial model, movie producer, motivational writer, and brand influencer. With a substantial following of approximately 21,300 on her page, she has earned a significant fanbase.

Her outstanding performances in numerous Yoruba movies, such as Campus Girl, Villager, Housewife, Palace Maid, Corporate Lady, and many more, have garnered her widespread recognition and praise.

Amidst her achievements, colleagues, fans, and followers have flooded her with congratulatory messages, celebrating her success and accomplishments.

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