Femi Adebayo praises Itele for the unveiling of his new project.

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Nollywood actor and box office King, Femi Adebayo, showered praise on his junior colleague, Ibrahim Yekini, popularly known as Itele, as he revealed his latest project. Taking to his Instagram page, Itele announced the premiere of his new movie, titled “Kesari,” scheduled for August.

The movie’s teaser suggests an intriguing storyline – a character with a fresh outlook, a new persona, and different priorities. Fearless and undeterred, he navigates through darkness, understanding its depths, and taking on dangerous challenges. The hidden corners of the world become his dominion, earning him the title of KESARI, the king.

“Get ready, you will see wonderful.”

Upon seeing Itele’s announcement on his Instagram post, Femi Adebayo expressed his excitement and admiration by leaving several fire emojis in the comment section.

Itele is poised to become the next Box Office King.

Months ago, Naijalegit reported that Itele is on a trajectory to become the next Box Office King. Now, following in the footsteps of renowned actors Funke Akindele and Femi Adebayo, Itele is taking his movie, “KESARI,” to the big screens.

Excitedly announcing the development on his Instagram page, the talented actor shared his experiences of working alongside Funke Akindele in “Omo Ghetto The Saga” and Femi Adebayo in “Agesinkole.” These opportunities challenged him in distinct ways, helping him grow as a versatile actor.

Acting alongside Funke in “Omo Ghetto The Saga” allowed him to develop a deep understanding of the Ghetto dialogue and create relatable Lamba (slang) for his character. On the other hand, collaborating with Femi Adebayo in “Agesinkole” elevated his acting prowess even further.

The actor emphasizes the importance of making oneself available to be a part of successful projects, as it provides valuable opportunities for growth and learning. With such experiences under his belt, Itele is positioning himself for a promising future as he ventures towards Box Office greatness.

Itele opens up about his role in Femi Adebayo’s latest movie.

Recently, Itele expressed his immense pride in being a part of Femi Adebayo’s latest movie. On Friday, Femi Adebayo Salami surprised his colleagues by unveiling his new project, a collaboration with the streaming service Netflix.

Taking to his Instagram page, Femi shared a teaser of his upcoming movie titled “Jagun Jagun” and expressed his dream to surpass the success of his previous film “Agesinkole” in every aspect.

The teaser garnered tremendous appreciation from his fellow colleagues, including Falz and Omotola Ekeinde, who sang his praises for the remarkable work.

Commenting on the teaser via his own Instagram page, Itele shared his pride in being a part of this magical project. He expressed that his pride extended not only as an actor but also as a member of the incredible team behind the movie.

With the movie set to premiere on Netflix in August, the excitement and anticipation surrounding “Jagun Jagun” are evident, and Itele’s joy in being a part of it adds to the enthusiasm for this promising cinematic endeavor.

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