“Actress Yetunde Barnabas Requests Joyous Celebrations for Her Daughter Gemma on Her First Birthday Today”

Written by fazazy39

Actress Yetunde Barnabas took to her Instagram account to express her heartfelt joy and appreciation while celebrating her daughter’s first birthday. Filled with overwhelming emotions, she couldn’t find the right words to fully express herself, but she gave all the glory to God for granting her daughter another year of happiness and joy.

Yetunde Barnabas is happily married to Olayinka Peter, a footballer who plays for a Europa League side.

In her touching post, she wished her daughter, Gemma, a happy 1st birthday, describing her as her “Womb Opener,” a precious and rare gem, her mini-me, and the one who has captured her heart. She expressed gratitude to God for the precious gift of her daughter, acknowledging that God’s love is immense.

Reflecting on the emotional moment when her daughter was born, she recalled the overwhelming feeling of becoming a mother, and she thanked God for His greatness. She acknowledged that she may not be a perfect human being, but she promised to be a perfect mother for Gemma’s sake, guiding her on the right path and in the ways of the Lord.

Her prayer for Gemma is that her life will be filled with the wonders and glory of God’s abiding love, and she wishes for her to continue to flourish with God’s grace. She concludes with a heartfelt blessing, praying that Gemma will grow in wisdom, knowledge, and understanding in the name of Jesus, saying “Amen.”

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