Celebrities React to Biola Bayo’s Surprising Gesture for Her Son (Video)

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Nollywood actress Biola Bayo has caused a stir among her colleagues with an unexpected action she took for her son. Taking to Instagram, the new mother expressed her frustration over her son’s refusal to use his designated baby cot and bassinet, instead opting to drag her own bed around.

In her Instagram post, Biola Bayo shared her exasperation with the situation and revealed her clever solution to make the most of her investment. She decided to swap beds with her son, ensuring that she personally benefited from the unused baby cot and bassinet. She humorously shared a video on Instagram, showcasing herself sleeping in the baby cot and bassinet while her son slept on her bed.

The actress playfully questioned why she had spent a significant amount of money on these baby items if her son had no intention of using them. Determined not to let her investment go to waste, she took matters into her own hands and found a way to derive value from the unused items.

Biola Bayo’s creative approach to the situation has garnered attention and elicited mixed reactions from her colleagues in the entertainment industry. Some found her solution amusing and commended her for making the best out of the circumstances, while others shared their own experiences and offered parenting advice.

By sharing her lighthearted frustration and inventive solution, Biola Bayo provided her followers with an entertaining glimpse into her life as a new mother. Her post struck a chord with many parents who have encountered similar challenges and have had to think outside the box to navigate parenthood.

Biola Bayo’s decision to repurpose the baby cot and bassinet for her own comfort showcased her resourcefulness and adaptability in unexpected situations. It also served as a reminder that parenting often requires flexibility and creative problem-solving to ensure the well-being of both the child and the parent.

Reactions Pour In

Biola Bayo’s unexpected move for her son has generated a flurry of reactions from fellow celebrities. In the comment section, popular figures such as Iyabo Ojo, Odunlade Adekola, Wumi Toriola, Kemi Afolabi, and many more expressed their amusement by leaving multiple laughing emojis.

Aisha Lawal exclaimed, “Ahhhhh mumyyyyyy whyyyy. Get out joor!”

Binta Ayo Mogaji playfully commented, “Jealousy Jealousy Mtchewwwwww. Just let my Irewamiri enjoy himself.”

Omowunmi Ajiboye empathetically wrote, “Biola, pele o. Agbaaya” (Biola, sorry. You’re an elderly person).

Wumi Toriola teased, “Agbaya” (Old person).

Kemi Afolabi playfully wrote, “Enieleni” (Naughty person).

Cute Abiola exclaimed, “Haba now!”

Kiki Bakre expressed her surprise, saying, “What did I just watch?”

All is well Ademola jokingly commented, “Sehi is because you are size kolie. Let me come and try it, the whole baby cot will tear” (Is it because you’re so small? Let me try it; the entire baby cot will tear).

Bidemi Kosoko humorously questioned, “Ah Aunti mi BIOLA what is this bayi” (Oh, my dear Aunt Biola, what is this?).

These reactions from Biola Bayo’s colleagues showcase their playful banter and amusement at her creative solution. The exchange highlights the camaraderie and light-heartedness within the entertainment industry.

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