“Even If Murphy Was A Bad Person Before His Death, You Should Atleast Forgive Him-Actor KC Jagaban Challenge Lateef And Others(Watch)

Written by fazazy39

Renowned Yoruba movie star, KC Jagaban, recently released a video expressing disappointment and criticizing certain colleagues for their failure to mourn and attend the funeral of the late Murphy Afolabi. Despite any past grievances they may have had with Murphy, KC Jagaban emphasized the importance of forgiveness and mourning during this time of loss.

KC Jagaban noted that some individuals, whom Murphy had assisted in breaking into the Yoruba film industry, neglected to offer their condolences or visit his grieving family. He expressed disbelief at their excuses of being too busy to extend sympathies, considering the profound impact Murphy had on their lives and careers.

In his video statement, KC Jagaban stressed, “Even if Murphy had his flaws while he was alive, it remains crucial to forgive and mourn him.” He specifically called out those he had helped to gain recognition in the film industry, highlighting their absence at the funeral. He stated, “You claimed to be too occupied to offer a simple condolence visit to his family after his passing, which is unfair given the significant influence he had on your lives.”

KC Jagaban has established a strong presence in the Yoruba film industry through his talent and memorable performances, earning increased recognition in recent years.

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