Dancers Janemena and Korra Obidi make social media go crazy with their dance prowess in “Madness Pro-max Don Jam Madness” (Video)

Written by fazazy39

Famous Nigerian dancers Janemena and Korra Obidi create a stir on social media with their most recent video as they have finally teamed up.Janemena and Korra Obidi, a duo known for their expertise in twerking, were shown moving around in bathub in their joint Instagram photo.

Recall that Janemena set the bar higher today after welcoming Korra Obidi at the Asaba international airport with open arms.

Despite having children, Korra Obidi and Janemena put their bodies on full display in the new footage as they were seen wearing tiny gowns that exposed too much skin.

In the bathtub, Janemena effortlessly displays incredible twerking prowess, and consequently, Korra Obidi responds with a supportive expression.

The description for the video read, “We are SO hyped for KORRA VIDEO SHOOT THIS AFTERNOON.” From 4pm yesterday till 5am today, we recorded content. We were very hurt when we awoke.

Watch the video below

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