Nobody gives my son N5 million, Muyideen is living in the family house, Nigerians please help my son – Muyideen’s Mother cried out

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Popular Islamic cleric has decided to interfere in the trending matter of Muyideen after and organizations said they would give him the sum amount of 5 million.

The Islamic cleric ask Muyideen mother about the 5 million that chief Kola Olotu talked about, she should say the truth about it

Muyideen mother replied that nobody said anything to her if not that she is hearing about it in the radio and people are calling her but nobody gave them money or promised them money.

She rains curse on the person spreading the news because he is an elderly person and also has his own children, he is now living in his father house thank God. 

Many netizens dragged his mother for her harsh words.

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Soji adebayo wrote: No body will sell dat house Alfa get dat into ur score. D house🏠 will be donated to less privilege.muyideen d ingrate person should go and look for work.Agbala Gabriel has done it’s own,lets peace reign

Abby alatise wrote:Wait a minute….I don’t understand one thing….Is Mr muyideen a cripple man ?Cant he work ?Why all this drama,People that’s doing laborers work is he better than them?They should get out jare ,Everybody is facing a lot already

Salako adetunji wrote: Muyideen has d documents of the house…. can’t he sell d house by himself? We all know what this people are after…they should stop coming online to hype Agbala Gabriel while they nail him behind him….this is absolute n0nsense…..this man is just spitting rabbish……

Kayode wrote: Like mother like son see what is coming out from his mother nonsense as for you Alfa no body will sell any house if muideen is not ready to stay in that house he should continue to stay in his family house sell ko sell ni

Oluwafisayomi wrote: Living in the family house? Mama you better find where prayer is and pray fervently for your son.The one that has been in his own house before now back to his father’s house, that’s a curse.E lo gbadura fun omo yin o,awawi e ko foundation pelu baby powder soju please go and pray for your son o

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