Muyideen, those Alfa that you are associating with now want to destroy you, most of them will beat you more than what pastor did – Islamic cleric Ona Ododo  blast Alfa that converted Muyideen to Islam

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Popular Islamic cleric Ona Ododo has reacted to the trending video of Muyideen converting to Islam and condemning pastor Agbala Gabriel for his kind deed.

Islamic cleric Ona Ododo said in a video that Muyideen those Alfa he is following just wanted to finish his life, let me tell you the truth, the path of deceit is in the hand of many Alfa.

You said he has converted to Islam,  we thank God but what is the meaning of does question you are asking him making him to condemn his helper, what you all has told him to say when ever you ask him questions.

The alfa continues to blast his fellow Alfa for their evil deed making many Nigerian to react to his video 

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Abiodun Micheal wrote: Baba Alfa, opolo yin o ni doba, otoo Oro ponbele le n so. Nd it’s bitter Truth. Muyideen should be caution about this issues Agbala Gabriel has done what God sent him to do for you, the house has been released with all d documents! What else again. Remove Agbala Gabriel from ur name nd jejely leave the Pastor. Let those that re advised you take it up from where Agbala Gabriel stopped..Alfa, imo yin yoo posi.

Majekodunmi wrote:  Alfa aye yin ma da tomotomo loruko Jesu you are making sense gan ni make those people leave Agbala Gabriel alone now let’s muyiden move on and work for his money the entitlement is too much

Emmanuel lewis wrote: But , this Muyideen guy is not mentally sound , so why taking what he’s saying serious ?? Or advising ???

Aderito wrote: This man is always saying the truth. God bless you sir

Sunday wrote: U really make my day sir may Allah continue to enrich u with more knowledge

Mosoci wrote: God will judge those behind him. Agbala Gabriel will continue to shine forth.

Akinosi wrote: God blessed you Alfa 🙏 some Muslim are good indeed. Thanks for saying the truth 🙏

Mazdah mulkiee wrote: That is why I can never fight over religion.

Religion works with ur individual attitude…I have seen pastors that are doing exploits but attitude and humanity/human feelings is 0%.

Likewise alfas too.You will see some Muslims,u will feel like following them to mosque if u see the humanity in them.

Alfa,u have my respect sir 🔥

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