Watch beautiful moments how Davido surprised his wife Chioma with the bridal shower party

Written by fazazy39

Chioma’s unexpected bridal party was recently revealed online, and we have inside details on what transpired. 

In a video, Chioma described how Davido had first tricked her into leaving the house by claiming they were heading out to supper.

According to the next Mrs Adeleke, Davido pulled up at an event center, and she was confused. Chioma said she told Davido that this wasn’t a restaurant, and that she was hungry.

The next step Davido took was to come down and speak to someone, which is when she saw the balloon decorations and started screaming.

Chioma’s excitement was evident in the way she narrated the story, and she looked really happy to be there.

The internet has witnessed Chioma and Davido’s love story blossom for about seven years now.

They started out as a cute couple, with Davido flaunting her on social media, buying her a luxury car, and dedicating a song to her.

Now, this adorable couple have two kids together, which would’ve been three, if not for the loss of their first child Ifeanyi.

Although their love story looks admirable to say the least, Chioma and Davido have gone through some public rough patches that has shaken them from time to time.

In 2023, an American socialite by the name Nina shocked Davido’s fans, when she came out publicly, claiming to have gotten pregnant by the singer. The issue dragged on for months, and for some reason, the baby bump she was showing off disappeared.

A few months back, a video of Davido begging a certain person, while on his knees surfaced the internet through another American socialite.

This socialite claimed that she didn’t know Davido had a wife, and she went as far as tendering an apology to the general public and his wife.

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