Don’t trust this woman. She says she’s never had s+x before, but she has a child with someone else.

Written by fazazy39

Lady Cairo, a tall and beautiful woman, claimed to be a virgin to deceive her wealthy lover who proposed to her. They dated for over three years, during which she refused to be intimate with him. She insisted that sex could only happen after marriage because she had no experience and had vowed not to disappoint her parents. Though disturbed, her boyfriend decided to endure it because he loved her deeply.

Eventually, he proposed to her and invited many friends to their wedding, proudly telling them that his bride-to-be was a virgin. His friends were excited to attend such a unique ceremony. In their tribe, it is customary to pay homage to their deity and undergo scrutiny by a spiritualist to confirm the virginity claim before marriage.

Dr. Ibezim urged him to ask Lady Cairo to tell the truth to ensure a smooth and fruitful marriage. However, blinded by love, he decided to keep this revelation to himself. The wedding took place three days later, attended by dignitaries from all walks of life.

In their culture, lying about virginity has serious implications; the woman would not conceive until the truth is revealed. True to this belief, after three years of marriage, Lady Cairo was still not pregnant. Finally, she decided to confess the truth to her husband.

Upon hearing her confession, her husband immediately went to the chief priest of the deity and explained everything. The priest instructed him to pay for the necessary sacrifices, which were performed openly. Dr. Ibezim then carried out the cleansing and purification rituals for both husband and wife.

One month after these rituals, Lady Cairo conceived, marking the beginning of a new chapter in their lives.

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