“My Heart Is Just Brroken On Is Own”– Bukunmi Oluwashina Shed Tears As She Is Heart Brroken (Video)

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Nollywood actress Bukunmi Oluwasina has stirred many emotions among fans and colleagues as she writes a poem dedicated to her best friend.

She wrote the poem with ties in her eyes stating hiw difficult it is to love.

She wrote: Human history has it that everyone has a soulmate, 
and most times, the feelings are hard to define.
Is it friendship or love? It’s confusing when someone occupies an undefined place in our hearts. 

Sometimes we marry them, other times we can see and can’t see them at the same time, often times we leave them behind.

Would you tell me about yours? 

#BukunmiSpokenWords 📝

Many netizens also decided to writ several poem 

One the bk tribe wrote: Nobody broke my heart, but just by watching this, my heart is just breaking on it own😭😭 like im feeling some pains that i never had it experience, cos the words and emotions in this video is too deep and contagious. It makes it so real that there is no way you won’t feel this pain. Anything love, friendship, deep words and acting that can deeply control a person’s emotions and heart,  just leave it for @bukunmioluwasina please just leave it for her. Leave it. Leave it. She doesn’t even have to do too much to penetrate and control your emotions to feel the pain she is trying to make you believe she is feeling. What kind of actor are you? Ahhhh 😢 I no even get soulmate and I just dropped a tear. 😭 How? please take your crown and flower 👑 🌺

Bukunmioluwasina wrote in the comment section “The good thing and bad thing in being married to your soulmate is that, when you fight, it would always be easy for you both to settle it in love and move on as you both understand each other and know how to effortlessly find your way back to each-other’s heart, cos this person is your soulmate, so there is little you can do without them. 

However, the sad part is, when you marry your soulmate and you fight or they hurt you, no friend or family can make you feel better or heal you, No matter how you try to heal or move on, only your soulmate can understand your pain, feel it and help you heal through it. So when the same soulmate is the same person hurting you, you have no where to turn to heal, cos only the person breaking you can fix you. Which is why some people find it heard to heal and spend the rest of their lives hurting. 
So, if you are with your soulmate, congratulations. And if you are not with your soulmate, congratulation. 

Say hello to your Therapist🙂

One the babatunde001 wrote: You see, there is something about the human heart especially when it has ACCEPTED another human.
It’s so easy for me and you to say “leave” and “quit” because we are not the owners of the heart that has lost itself in love.
This may be gibberish to you, but love is a whole realm on its own. I mean love in the real meaning of acceptance.
When you fall in love with a person, something triggered it. How much more, is a manipulative person?Now, when you accept them, you become so comfortable and you are diving into the realm of love with them.
You start creating excuses for their wrongs, you give them more time to change, you give them chances… These people have your mind in their hands, it takes a lot to be free.
It’s not as easy as you think it is, take it easy with the judgements. The best I and you can do is sensitization…but judgements? Nah!😭😭😭😭😭💔💔💔💔💔

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