I used to use 150 “pure water” bags to have my bath every 4 days in Lekki, Lagos — Socialite Papaya brag [Video]

Written by fazazy39

Nigerian socialite and content creator Raheem Abike Halimah, popularly known as Papaya Ex, has shed light on the challenges of living in Lekki.

The skitmaker in an interview with content creator, Isbae U on Curiosity Made Me Ask, revealed she uses 150 bags of sachet water in four days.

She made this known after Isbae U tackled her for saying in a past interview that she uses 150 bags of sachet water weekly. Papaya Ex corrected him and made him know that it is in four days and not weekly. She claimed she uses sachet water to bathe as there is no water in Lekki.

See their conversation below,

Isbae U: You once said you use 150 bags weekly.

Papaya Ex: Weekly? In four days, not weekly

Isbae U: What for? Is it to quench your taste?

Papaya Ex: Don’t you stay on the Island? We use pure water to have our bath here on the highland.

As expected, her statement has generated buzz online as many called her out for her lies.

One Dhamay King MGT wrote, “Pure water to flush toilet?? What happened to water delivery services? People can lie

One Oraspecial wrote, “She’s lying. She has a BSc in law

One Amara Shuga wrote, “Why not open pure water factory since nah water you come use for this life

One Lola On The Gramm wrote, “Abike move from that your house na. For two years you’ve been complaining yet you’re renewing the rent

One The Boujee Girlie wrote, “Papaya stays in the same estate where my office is and there is water delivery service! Girl stop lying lol

One It’s Fredor wrote, “You use water to flush toilet? Is your shit that worthy?

One Curvy Tida wrote, “Why not buy clean water from tankers instead?”.

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