Korra Obidi expresses shock, mutes live session, as daughter discloses what her dad does to her at night

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Korra Obidi expresses surprise after her daughter shares an interesting story about what occurred at her dad’s house.

Korra Obidi’s live video takes an unexpected turn as her daughter, June, reveals unsettling details about her visits to her father Justin Dean’s house.

The singer’s reaction, muting the video to address the situation, reflects her surprise and concern.

Popular singer and dancer,  Korra Obidi  sparked reactions during a live video when her daughter revealed something surprising about visiting her father, Justin Dean.

The couple, who divorced in 2022, share custody of their kids, taking turns to have them at their respective houses.

In the video, Korra engaged in a conversation with her daughter, June who expressed a keen desire to see her father.

However, Korra gently reminded her that the visitation was supposed to be on Sunday. Unexpectedly, June began sharing details about what happened during a recent visit to her father’s place, stating that he often ‘wants her at night’.

This disclosure left Korra visibly shocked, prompting her to promptly mute the video. She tried to get a clearer explanation regarding June’s narrative but it obviously didn’t work out.

Watch the video below:

Reactions subsequently trailed the video with netizens dropping their two cents.

One naomi_e_cyril wrote: “Wants her at night??? Hope he isn’t molesting those girls. Omg im worried for them.”

dinopeterairaodion88 wrote: “You know waitin she mean she just wanna sleep at night in her dad house no come plant evil seed for pipo heart here madam @korraobidi”

lietas_beauty_place said: “This road you want to ply now… Very bad and dangerous nne”

ummu_ridmah wrote: “It still baffles me how very sweet love turns into a very soured relationship”

kowa_asa said: “I only wish kids will be protected from all of these by these adults.”

weightloss_abuja said: “A broken home is never easy.”

they_adore_joy wrote: “Y‘all listen properly before you comment”

kesterrozay wrote: “She knows what she’s trying to do. This is how manipulation starts”

gabbychulla stated: “Don’t manipulate little kids for likes….. father can put his daughter to bad and spend as much time as he can if all he gets is a Sunday!! Seeing her expressing like say the papa dey do weird thing to their daughter! “

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