“My manager is richer than my father”- Davido reveals his manager, Asa Asika very rich

Written by fazazy39

Davido, the Afrobeat superstar, openly shares that his manager, Asa Asika, is wealthier than him, emphasizing their dynamic in the music industry.

In a playful Twitter banter, Asa Asika had humorously asked him for money and Daviso had responded by blatantly stating that Asa, his manager, had more money than him. It all started when Davido expressed yesterday that having money is boring when you have it all to yourself, hinting at the fact that money is meant to be shared and spent with the people around you.

Responding to this, Asa pleaded with him to share some funds with him, hence Davido’s response. Now recall that back in June of 2023, Asa had in an interview with Money Entrepreneur and Author Ugo expressed that a lot of people did not take his job as an artist manager seriously when he started and that some people had even tried to discourage him

He even went on to reveal that his cousin Neto C had even tried to discourage him as well. But then he expressed how everybody’s story and path is different.

Asa went on to proudly reveal that even though he has no university education, he is able to pay over 45 people’s salaries in just one of his companies. He also disclosed that he he probably pays over 100 salaries in a month even without having a degree.

Back in 2018, Asa had revealed how he met DJ Cuppy in an Instagram Q&A. He revealed that his best friend had linked the two of them together some years ago. Recall that in January of 2018, DJ Cuppy had made her relationship with Asa Asika official to the public. She had mentioned during a live video that he was someone very special to her.

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