“I suffer when I was very young, I didn’t know my parents were rich till I was 13” – Davido

Written by fazazy39

Davido, the Nigerian-American singer, songwriter, and record producer, revealed in a statement that he only became aware of his family’s wealth when he turned 13 years old.

During an exclusive chat, he shared insights into his upbringing and discussed his father, stating, “All this talk about being rich, my dad is very disciplined. He’s quite different; you can tell he’s a very disciplined man.”

“I didn’t know we had money till I was 13. Despite being a billionaire, my dad drove a Honda Accord, I’m telling you.”

He continued to recount how he discovered his father‘s wealth, saying, “Let me tell you how I found out. Something happened in Nigeria, in the area where we lived. There was a mistake, like a bomb blast, and many houses got destroyed.”

Our first house, from my birth until around age 11, was a big compound with a bungalow. When that incident occurred, we had to leave immediately because the house got so messed up.”


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