“Please who knows how I can become a politician, my husband cant take care of me again”- Actress Joke Jigan opens up on her new calling drag her new husband

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Joke Jigan Jegunmah revealing her new calling and seeking help from fans suggests a significant life change or career transition. It will be interesting to see how her followers respond and support her in this new venture.

The actress opened up on her Instagram page where she shared jaw dropping video of herself dripping of beauty.

Joke Jigan claimed she has been told about her new calling which is to be a politician, stating she’s created to suit the purpose.

She further warns her followers not to joke or make hateful comments about her statement which is coming from an honest interest.

She wrote, “Pls who knows how I can become a politician??? I’ve been told that’s my calling and God created me for that purpose 😢 no hate comment please o ! I’m honestly interested e joor e dakun”

Naijalegit ecalls that Joke Jigan called out a colleague who refused to pay for their joint film production.

On the photo sharing Instagram app, she called out Gbolahan Moses for airing their movie on Africa Magic without paying her a dime. The newly married actress revealed that her partner claimed he has not been paid for the production which has aired twice.

She further disclosed that she would not be engaging in a social media war and she is always battle ready.

In July 2023, Joke Jigan tied the knot with her baby daddy shortly after a court wedding.

Clips online captured the movie star and her husband at the Ikoyi Registry, where they said their vows.

This is followed by a traditional engagement on Saturday, the 8th of July. Videos shared captured the bride and groom in matching green outfits as their friends and family serenaded them.

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