Actor Martins Ogbebor’s Wife Cries Out For Help After Losing 2 Babies Over Alleged Domestic ViolenceAnd N5million Debt

Written by fazazy39

The serious allegations made by Martins Ogbebor’s wife on social media, detailing the loss of two babies and citing domestic violence, bring attention to the gravity of the situation.

Such personal disclosures can have a significant impact on discussions surrounding domestic issues and the importance of addressing them.

At first, the actor told her to abort the pregnancy, a motion allegedly supported by his father. After she refused to do that, Martins’ mom accepted the pregnancy, told her to leave Abuja and come to Ikorodu, Lagos where the actor and his family live.

She claimed that when she got to their house, she was maltreated and was treated like a slave as Martins never had time for her. She worked in the actor’s family’s restaurant without getting paid or being taken proper care of.

She later decided to leave Martin’s family house and go stay with her parents at Abule Egba. 

She stated that the shame was too much in her parents’ house as people usually mock her for getting pregnant outside of wedlock. Her mom started dragging the actor for an introduction so that he could, at least, take her back to Ikorodu. 

After a lot of issues, he agreed to that, and they eventually got engaged. They did introduction when the pregnancy was around 5 months old. 

It was not all rosy for her in Martins’ family house as she was registered to a bad hospital where she was treated badly. 

She alleged that she also suffered domestic abuse as Martins’ family was usually ganging up to fight her. Sometimes, she got starved for long.

Eventually, she gave birth through CS, but the child died five hours later.

On the 1st of September 2022, 4 months after she lost the first child, she took in once again. Actor Martins’ father was angry about this and allegedly told him to pack her things and make sure she goes back to her mom’s house. After advice from his dad’s best friend to take her back, they told her to come and give birth in the same hospital she delivered her first child. She lost another baby girl by CS.

Both the first and second child were allegedly buried by Martins’ father. 

After the actor’s father allegedly insisted that she pack out of the house, Martins allegedly began to abuse her physically, sent her out of the house she rented.

She stated that the reason she was calling out the actor now was that she heard that he was planning on traveling out; meanwhile, he owes her some money.

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