“Please stop sending money again, I’m scared” Lady who wakes up by 4:30 am to cook for her husband gets gifted over 2 million naira

Written by fazazy39

Nigerian Twitter sensation, Mumzee, requests well-wishers to abstain from gifting her money after receiving a generous outpouring of support from the Nigerian community.

Mumzee gained attention a few days ago when she went viral for her statement about waking up at 4:30 am to cook breakfast for her husband every morning.

Mumzee explained that initially, she wasn’t keen on the idea of preparing breakfast so early. However, her perspective changed when her husband shared how a female colleague would bring him food, using two spoons to eat together. This motivated her to start waking up early to prepare meals for her husband.

While this sparked a debate among Nigerian women about the extent to which they would go to please their spouses, Mumzee received commendations from numerous Nigerian men who praised her dedication.

In an unexpected turn, these admirers began gifting her money, collectively reaching an impressive sum of over 2 million Naira.

In a recent update, Mumzee took to Twitter to express her gratitude but also hinted at feeling overwhelmed by the generosity. She shared a screenshot of her Kuda account balance, revealing the total exceeding 2 million Naira.

Despite the substantial financial gifts, Mumzee admitted to feeling a sense of unease at the escalating amount entering her account, urging Nigerians to pause their contributions

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