“How Is This Possible”– Reaction As 7years Son of the Source Was seen Driving His New Car (Video)

Written by fazazy39

A popular teen Instagram influencer has stirred reactions as the underage individual was seen riding his new car.

The boy which is under 7 years stun many with the way he was driving the car.

Though many of his fans did not believe that he was the one who is driving the car, they reveal that someone is behind the car driving the car.

Taking a close a look at the car it seem nobody is inside the car but only the little boy alone.

Lanreshineofficial wrote: Carry me go where you want I’m with you 💯

Bashoofficial wrote: I can see one mechanic smiling like this,😂😂😂😂

Mandemkunlex wrote: This boy looks like metro too much ❤️

Mhizdija wrote: Haaa Akorede please be safe oko mi

See the video below;

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