“Waking up to this beauty every morning and laying down at night with her is such a blessing” Lateef Adedimeji gushes over wife, Mo Bimpe

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Nollywood actor Lateef Adedimeji continues to celebrate his 2nd wedding anniversary with his wife, Mo Bimpe.

The movie star has penned another note to her, gushing over how blessed he is to have her by his side

Sharing a goofy video of them getting glammed for an event, Lateef stated that it’s such a blessing for him to wake up to his wife every morning and lay down with her at night.

Affirming his love for her, he wrote,

“Waking up to this beauty every morning and laying down my head to sleep at night with this beauty is such a blessing . I love you wifey @mo_bimpe”.

In his main anniversary message to his wife, Lateef revealed why he is lucky to have Mo Bimpe as his wife. According to him, his wife has a heart full of love and affection and for being caring.

He stated that no greater light has illuminated his path more than the love and change Mo Bimpe has brought into his life. According to him, if his life was a boat floating over the chopping waters, Mo Bimpe is his set of sails that will see him through.

Mo Bimpe, on her part, had called him her greatest blessing in life and the reason for her happiness. She expressed how privileged she is to have him by her side.

Gushing over their times together and the memories they have made over the years, she cheered on to many milestones with him.

Months back, Lateef had opened up about their love story, revealing that he and Mo Bimpe had vowed in their hearts, never to marry their colleague until they met each other and, things changed from there.

According to Lateef, he had met his wife at the set of her second production and they had both become friends. However, things slowly grew from there. They also revealed that they had both encountered a roadblock in their relationship as Lateef was a core Muslim while Mo Bimpe was a Christian.

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