“Jigan Babaoja Help Me To Become Father”– Yoruba Actor Papa Show Says After Praying To God For Over 5years For Child (Watch)

Written by fazazy39

Popular Nollywood actor Papashow has shared how Jigan Babaoja played a significant role in making it possible for him to become a father today.

He revealed during a show with TalkB that he got married in 2013 and wait until 5years before Jigan gave him one concoction to that lead to his wife having pregnant that same night.

He revealed that he couldn’t thank Jigan enough because for more than 5years his wife was barren

Regard_cerrone wrote: The prayer of elderly people that she cook for and the word from jigan direct to God ear

Officialhemhex wrote: Don’t underestimate the power of the tongue 👅 and believe.

Itsfola_itsfola wrote: You never hit a woman, but there is a mark all over her body iro pa e

Mcbammy wrote: To be candid his wife is an amazing woman….. I know that and I can testify to character Omo daadaa lomo yehn

Sadikudamilola wrote: Good friends are gifts from God, they ease our pains. God bless my friends 💕

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