“This December Go Detty”– Reaction As Anty Ramota Wan Go Don Idi Ati Oyan For Dirty December

Written by fazazy39

Anty Ramota has stirred reactions again, expressing her desire to indulge in “Idi Ati Oyan” with those under her care. The statement has sparked various responses.

In a video shared by Anty Ramota on her Instagram page, she revealed that she is willing to increase her bum bum and her br#st too so that she could look more beautiful.

This sparks reactions online as many were saying, she does not even see herself before talking and which leg will she use to carry the bum bum, and which chest she has to hold big boobs.

Frankly speaking, Anty Ramota does not have good advice because how on earth would she think of doing this kind of thing?

She wrote: This December is already Detty……. Aunty Ramota wants big breast and bum bum. Despite talking to her at length about effects of bleaching, she NO DEY CORRECTION.

@iamsexysteel wrote: My baby must slay for this dirty December 😍❤️👌🏾

@Kofkof70 wrote: I doubt if she likes herself in d first place. That bleaching she Dey do ehnnnn na later she go see d result n d skin go don spoil. Keep it up auntie ramo, sebi e ni e ni gbo ni, e ma bora lo…..

@ayam_palesh wrote: Shey this aunty think say men dey see am? Abi which one be IDI ati OYAN she wan do 😂😂😂😂😂😂

@Iyabodetomilola wrote: Look at leg is white than face, who she wan do idi ati oyan for make she do height nah now. She no dey listen to correction

@Abrahamayomiposi wrote: Didn’t she reason that if she do Idi ati oyan, her legs won’t be able to match it.😂😂😂😂😂 E don do nao

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