Reaction As Nigerian husband publicly apologizes on Facebook as side chic gets pregnant at same time as wife (Watch)

Written by fazazy39

A Nigerian man has publicly apologized on Facebook to his wife for impregnating a side chic during their struggle with infertility, and both women became pregnant around the same time. The incident has sparked reactions online.

Facebook user Mubarak Abuche Musa took to the platform to share personal issues that are causing disturbance in his once-peaceful home.

Amidst his efforts to conceive a child with his wife, Mubarak faced accusations of engaging in money rituals involving his manhood.

Regrettably, after betraying his wife, both she and his side chick became pregnant simultaneously.

Taking to the stage, he issued an apology that stated in part:

In The last five years i have faced alot of criticism, i have been insulted both by friends and and associates, i have been gossipped about within to the point that people began saying that i used my manhood for money ritual. This things were said both behind my back and to face.

I have Faced depression at different times in the last five year, hid my pains yet moving around as though someone with no worries. Very few people understood what i was going through because i never discuss this issues with People but my creator Allah (SWT).

I got lost in my quest for a child, and took for my self yet another woman because frustration and pressure was beginning to set in. The wife of my youth was not aware of this arrangement and as Allah will have it, they both got pregnant the same period and put to bed within the same time frame.

I have failed my wife for the first time, my prayer warrior, the mother of my home, i have caused her pain, pain unspeakable, I have disappointed her, i took a step without without her knowing, Something we usually dont do. she is my confidant, and trusted allie yet i hid this information from her.”

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