“It Make Me Cry When People Make Jess Of Me To Give Iree A Sibling”– Actress Toyin Abraham Finally Speaks On Being Pregnant

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Nollywood actress Toyin Abraham has expressed her dissatisfaction with the online community, particularly addressing aspects of her personal life.

In an interview on TVC’s “Your View,” the box office actress highlighted that people seem indifferent to her struggles and instead make assumptions, incorrectly assuming she has conceived another child for her husband, Kolawole Ajeyemi.

Toyin Abraham asserts that constantly addressing inquiries about when she would give her child a sibling has been a source of trauma for her. She revealed that her physician was awaiting her at the premiere.

She urged internet users to refrain from prying into individuals’ personal lives and asking intrusive questions, such as when they plan to get married, become pregnant, or have a child.

Toyin further highlighted how people made assumptions about her being pregnant without considering factors such as fertility drugs or her personal journey.

“More than traumatic. People ask me when am giving birth. I have a son and God gave me a daughter (from her husband’s previous relationship). I have a son and a daughter yet people ask me when I will give birth to another. Telling me that Ire, my son is already old enough for a sibling. I would smile and tell them very soon and they would tell me don’t say very soon. They don’t even know what I am battling with. Even on my premiere day, my doctor was there, he had to be on standby for me.

Don’t ask questions, a few weeks ago people thought I was pregnant because I had a tummy, you do t even know what was wrong with me. You don’t even know if I am on fertility drugs or on a fertility journey, so stop telling people when are you guys to be a mother”.

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