Iyabo Ojo countersues singer Naira Marley as she demands a whooping N1billion

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Iyabo Ojo, in her recent Instagram post, responded to Naira Marley’s 500 million Naira lawsuit, announcing her plan to counter-sue him for an even larger sum – N1 billion.

The actress conveyed her disappointment with Marley’s unconventional approach, revealing that he opted to publicize the legal action instead of directly communicating with her and her representatives—a move she considers unlawful.

Presenting documents from her legal team, OJo addressed the irregularity of the situation, highlighting that the letter, containing her name and address, became public before reaching her.

These documents, adorned with the official seal of the Nigerian Bar Association and signed by a senior official, have left OJo’s legal team surprised and puzzled about the reasons behind the premature press release.

The main issue of of Iyabo OJo’s argument lies in the calculated attempt to ruin her reputation by releasing the legal notice to the press before delivering it to her.

The actress’s legal representatives expressed their shock and confusion over the matter, hinting at the fact that this move was a deliberate effort to tarnish OJo’s hard-earned standing in the public eye. The controversy unfolds against the backdrop of OJo’s vocal condemnation of Naira Marley and Samlarry in the wake of Mohbad’s death.

Iyabo OJo, jad also previously called out Naira Marley and Samlarry for physical abuse towards Mohbad and also accusing Naira Marley of drugging her children during an event. Her recent counter suit is a retaliation after Naira Markey had demanded a retraction of Iyabo OJo’s statements and a public apology or else a payment of 500 million naira.

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sheila_thompsson: This is so unfair for a woman who has been fighting for us all 💔.

shabril2503: That’s weird. So we probably got the news before her. 😂😂😂😂 This social media court is insane. Lawyers are starting to depend on it. But why do I feel like this was to test Queen mother? 😂😂😂😂😂.

endylight1: We Dey by you gidigba. Nobody can intimidate us in this Country, na we all get am.

eva_de_diva01: So he didn’t serve you the letter but posted it on social media 😂 very unprofessional!

seyi_adedoyin: So Naira Marley’s lawyers did not serve Iyabo the letter personally?😂. Omg, there is alot Naira will be liable for. Smh. I understand the counter sue now. Iyabo with a fantastic team of lawyers and barristers, Naira is finish😂😂😂😂😂😂

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