“This is the longest I have been single in my whole life” Actress Olaide Oyedeji cries out 10 months after her marriage crashed (Video)

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Months after separating from her estranged husband and father of her kids, Nollywood actress Olaide Oyedeji is sharing her thoughts and feelings about being single. Public figures often use social media to express personal reflections and experiences.

In a video she posted on her Instagram page, the Yoruba actress, stated that this is the longest she has ever been single in her whole life. According to her, she is at a stage of desperation, where she can cling to any man that comes her way.

Sending a message to the opposite gendër, she told them not to be offended if she started talking about marriage at the early start of their relationship.

Olaide revealed that there is a stage where singleness would choke one, hence, people shouldn’t be surprised if they see reports of her walking down the aisle.

“This is the longest I have been single in my whole life. And the singleness in me has chopped me. So you as a man don’t be surprised if you just ask me out now and I am already saying “Hey babe” and am already telling you “I love you”. There is a level your singleness will choke you. Don’t be surprised I can just bring up anybody and say I want to get married. All these men in my DM, I am already saying “Awwnnnn Oya now come and know my mummy” because this single life isn’t for me”.

Many flooded her comment section urging her to return to her estranged husband.

One Tosin Sandra advising her wrote, “It is not easy to see a real man from his heart with 4 children already. Just accept Baba Abike back, if he’s still available

One Adewale Oluwabukunmi wrote, “Better go back to your husband

One Bisoye Onanuga wrote, “Please give back to your hubby. He’s still single too, u both love each other. Gone are the days when you both market brands together. He loves you and I believe he’s still waiting for u, humble yourself for the sake of the children

One Folamix wrote, “You don’t know that there’s nothing on the street

One Kikiola wrote, “Just do confirm family planning and enjoy your life sis.

One Oluwafunmilayo Omotee wrote, “Have you ever been single so they another people’s relationship go dey vex you”.

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