“God Bless You For This”– Netizen Shower Prayers On Kolawole Ajeyemi For Taking Of Ire While Toyin Was Busy With Her Movie Premiere.

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Kolawole Ajeyemi has continued to be a supportive husband, taking care of their son while Toyin Abraham was occupied with the premiere of her movie ‘Malaika’ today. Acts of partnership and shared responsibilities in celebrity relationships often resonate positively with fans and followers.

Kolawole was seen walking around with iremide his son, and he took him alone to check on his wife Toyin Abraham.

Toyin Abraham look very stressed has they are designing the venue of the movie premiere. she Recieve huge from his husband and more gear up.

Netizens congratulations the couples for making such achievement and shower prayer on the husband for the understanding.

See there fans Reaction Below;

Abizahproperty wrote: This film will make history by his grace, filmone said everybody will feel the heat of Malaika and so shall it be Amen

The_tafa wrote: It is a success in Jesus Name. Meanwhile, I really love your acting in IGE. Kudos you you and your wife 👏

Ayomidekhadeejat wrote: Congratulations momma,may Almighty Allah bless this project Insha’Allah 🙏

Officialbollypokie wrote: If you are coming today come correct cos yall ain’t ready🙌🙌🙌🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥❤️❤️❤️

Ojulewastudio wrote: All Glory to God. .Ire is a Big Boy 👏👏.. Success all the way

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