“Wahala don enter church Ooo”– Portable’s later jaw-dropping performance at Celestial Church turns heads online

Written by fazazy39

Nigerian singer, rapper, and songwriter Habeeb Okikiola, widely known as Portable, created a social media buzz by attending a Celestial church, where he performed several of his hit songs. Such moments of artists engaging with different aspects of culture often draw attention and generate discussions online.

In a widely liked video on social media, Nigerian singer Portable was captured passionately singing, surrounded by individuals dressed in white costumes in a Celestial church. The video’s popularity underscores the interest in artists exploring different cultural and religious experiences.

This follows weeks after his invitation to perform at a program in a Celestial church alongside Fuji musician Pasuma.

While it remains unclear if it was the same church where Portable performed, his presence and choice of songs have captured the attention of many social media users, prompting them to flood the comment section with reactions.

See some reactions below:

Agbaawo: “‎Wahala don enter una church ⛪️instead of you praising God you people are praising portable.”

IRORUN: “‎Holy spirit don comot for church oooo.”

okanyayinonibale: “‎Cele trail no just get board dem suppose close this church down I’m waiting to see what will happen.”

Olumuyiwa: “‎so na weitin em go sing for church be dt… cele no get level.”

Emxy: “‎now u will all understand why nobody can answer Jesus when he when I come will I meet faith.”

Adewale_2123: “‎Singing “Anjonu olorin inside church” …..white garment no get discipline seh !”

Agbaawo: “‎Wahala don enter una church instead of you praising God you people are praising portable.”


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