My husband cheæted on me 11 times but wants to divorce me for sleeeping with two guys – Woman seeks help (Video)

Written by fazazy39

A Nigerian woman has opened up about her marital struggles after being unfaithful to her husband, who, in turn, has a history of repeated infidelity. This situation underscores the complexities and emotional difficulties often associated with marital problems.

She alleges that her husband cheated on her 11 times in their four years of marriage, including with her cousin, and she forgave him. However, when she was unfaithful, he resorted to assaulting her.

The woman claimed she and her friend slept with two guys during a weekend getaway, and her husband found out when he read about it on WhatsApp.

She stated that she had to call several family meetings to help resolve the issue because he threatened to leave the marriage.

In her words; “My husband cheated on me 11 times in the past 4 years and I forgave him. Two weekends ago my girls and I went on a weekend getaway and things got out of hand. We met guys there and got intimate. My one friend and I did a 4-sum with 2 guys we don’t know.

“So my friend and I were talking about it on WhatsApp and I forgot to delete the chats. My husband saw the chats and he assaulted me. I moved out of our bedroom since that day. I’ve been called to three family meetings so far. He’s threatening to leave. I don’t understand why because I forgave him when he cheated with 11 girls, including my cousin. Why is the other gender unfair. Pls your advice is needed here What do I do.”

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