“My dream came true” – Bride overjoyed as groom gifts her brand new Range Rover Velar on wedding day after she dreamt about it (Video)

Written by fazazy39

A Nigerian bride is overcome with joy as her groom pleasantly surprises her with a brand new Range Rover Velar on their wedding day, creating a moment of sheer delight.

In a video circulating online, it seems that the bride had previously dreamt of her husband presenting her with a car on this special occasion.

Despite not being aware of the car brand, she was pleasantly surprised and filled with joy as her dreams came true, with her husband making her the proud owner of a Range Rover.

As the bride stood, filled with anticipation, the groom unveiled the gift that had been carefully concealed in a box.

The guests gasped with joy, and the sparkle in the bride’s eyes revealed her realization that her dream had come true with this exquisite vehicle.

Watch the video below:

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