“OBO too like woman” – Reactions trail trending video of Davido and his female personal barber

Written by fazazy39

Davido, the Afrobeats sensation, faced online backlash after a video surfaced showing him with a female barber, sparking controversy and discussion among internet users.

Princesscuts, the celebrity clipper extraordinaire, was captured in action at various points in the video, skillfully attending to Davido’s hair.

The singer reclined in his throne-like chair, allowing the lady to work her clipper magic with finesse.

The video prompted a diverse range of reactions from viewers. One netizen commented on Davido’s affinity for women, attributing it to his choice of a female barber in a traditionally male-dominated profession.

There were also comments about his hairline, with some praising the female barber for her exceptional shaping and styling abilities.

Fans revealed that the female barber is so much beautiful and would gain a very good connection with the singer.

Davido who recently gave birth to twins have been making name for himself on the social since day one.

Watch the video below;

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