How I eventually became successful despite being from broken family – Funke Akindele reveal

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Funke Akindele has provided insights into her path to success, discussing how she broke stereotypes and overcame the stigmatization often associated with being raised by a single mother.

The actress revealed that she was raised singlehandedly by her late mom, who did an excellent job, setting her on the path to success.

The actress emphasized that she was raised singlehandedly by her late mom, crediting her for doing an excellent job and guiding her toward success.

Actress and filmmaker Funke Akindele has provided insights into how she achieved success despite coming from a broken home.

The mother of two disclosed this in a video shared via Instagram on Saturday while speaking on the inspiration behind her latest film, “A Tribe Called Judah.”

Funke Akindele shared that she attributes her success to her late mother, emphasizing that despite coming from a broken home, her mom raised her well. In her words:

“What inspired A Tribe Called Judah? I want to touch on this particular thing that people have against women, this stigmatization of women without husbands who have children from different men and they believe single parents especially the women are useless, they see them as prostitutes and they don’t believe the children can be successful in life.

“I’m from a broken home but I thank God for my mum, you know she raised us well and that’s why I’m successful today, so I just want to touch that part. I want to celebrate single parents and mothers out there, I want them to feel the pains and challenges they face in raising children, especially one with five children from five different men from five different tribes.”

Funke Akindele also said that one of the scenes from the movie reminded her of her mum and the “later part when she wanted to pass on.”

The actress’ older sister, Olubunmi Akindele announced the death of their mother in a statement on February 7.

The statement read:

“It is with heavy hearts, but in total submission to God Almighty that the ADEBANJO and AKINDELE families announce the passing of their daughter, mother, grandmother and sister, DR. R B ADEBANJO-Akindele, which occurred on Tuesday 07 February 2023.

“May her gentle soul begin its rest eternal in peace. Amen. Obsequies in honour of her passing shall be announced in due course.”

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