“You thought I went to cheat, Your Thinking Was Wrong” – Man shocked as his one-month girlfriend destroys his apartment upon his return from a business trip

Written by fazazy39

A Nigerian man shared on social media the aftermath of his girlfriend’s destructive outburst in his apartment.

The man, identified as @Sarkideyforyou on Twitter, expressed his dismay at returning home to find his living space in ruins after a brief business trip to Ilorin.

According to the aggrieved man’s tweet, he had left for Ilorin on a Friday morning and encountered communication challenges due to the poor network in the area.

As a result, he was unable to stay in touch with his one-month-old girlfriend throughout Saturday and Sunday.

The absence of communication seems to have led his girlfriend to suspect infidelity on his part, resulting in the destructive outburst.

Upon his return to Abuja, the man was met with a scene of destruction within his apartment, allegedly caused by his girlfriend.

He shared a photo on social media showcasing the aftermath of the chaos, revealing overturned furniture and a disheveled living space.

The man went on to disclose that the relationship was merely a month old.  In response to the apparent breach of trust, the distressed man revealed that he had involved his lawyer in the matter.

“So I traveled since on Friday morning for a business in Ilorin and the area has no stable network, as result of poor network in Ilorin so I couldn’t communicate with my 1-month-old girlfriend I left in my apartment in Abuja throughout Saturday and Sunday. “This babe thought I was with other women or probably cheating on her and that was why I switched off my phone, coming back to Abuja this is how I met my room, my neighbor said she left around 5 O’clock,” the wrote.

Despite the man’s claims, some netizens expressed skepticism about the authenticity of his story, questioning the veracity of the events he described.


Netizens Reactions…

@_Faithforyou said: “We need to hear her own side of the story too. What if she has been suspecting you before this moment.”

@Tope_Orus said; “Tell people which area in Ilorin has poor network, that you can’t find any way to communicate for good 30 days.”

@EgoRieNsi_1 said; “Why you go leave your house for a one month old relationship girlfriend.. Are you blind for love.”

@Emydollarssssss said; “Oloun if she no sleep for police station then this evening go be her burial, there’s no two ways about it.”

@RaymanAdeleke said; “As result of poor network in Ilorin so I couldn’t communicate with my 1 month old girlfriend i left in my apartment in Abuja through out Saturday and Sunday…abeg abeg.” 

@lady_buugg said; “I think first you should have her arrested, let her pay for damages then file a restraining order against her cos she is obviously a mad woman.”

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