Actor Ayanfe Adekunle and his twin sister celebrate as they clock a new age

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Celebrating his birthday alongside his beautiful twin sister, Nigerian actor Adekunle Ayanfe, also known as Alfa Monsuru, shares a special and joyous occasion with his sibling on December 5th.

Sharing an adorable clip on his social media platform,Alfa Monsuru and his sister showcased their dancing skills, playful personalities and excitement for their new age.

He caption the video with,”ALHAMDULILAH we’re +1 TAIWO and kehinde”.

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It’s noteworthy that Nigerian actor Adekunle Ayanfe, popularly known as Monsuru, is expressing admiration and praise for Fuji musician Saheed Osupa. Recognizing and acknowledging fellow artists’ talents contributes to a positive and supportive industry culture.

Monsuru stated this in one of his social media post as he dance to the fuji singer music.

He shared adorable clips of himself dancing to Fuji musician Saheed Osupa song, describing him as the King of music affirming his music passes great message. 

He wrote, “Allihamdulilai🙏🙏🙏we ain’t there yet but we left our yesterday to past ,which of Allah favor will i deny #erudupe# king saheed osupa always oba orin🙌🙌🙌Well message pass beyond statement 🙌🙌🙌”. 

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