“I am pained, and I don abuṣe all those who can help my life finish”- Wumi Toriola laments as she refunds over 3 million to her business partners

Written by fazazy39

Nollywood actress and single mother of two, Wumi Toriola, voiced her frustration after having to refund 3 million to her business partners due to a contract that didn’t materialize.

In a now-deleted Instagram post, she revealed that she had to refund the amount due to being slightly indisposed. Despite facing challenges in January, February, and March, she emphasized the importance of prioritizing health over financial gains. 

Wumi also acknowledged her pain and advised those looking up to her to seek assistance elsewhere.

“Refunding over 3m this month cos I was slightly indisposed and Jan/Feb/March don even go. Still, health is wealth.

Omo dis one pain me Sha to everyone looking up to me in Dec, e be like say we go gather look sky ooo. Ko fe juicy rara

Still, health is wealth.
Glory to God.
But low-key I’m pained Sha.
And I don abuse all the “I just got back”.
Can I just be real for 20mins”.

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