Why Anger Makes Some Women Barreen Be Calming Down– Toyin Abraham Spill

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Nollywood actress Toyin Abraham is energetically promoting her upcoming movie, “Malaika,” set for release this month.

In a recent interview with The Sun Nigeria, she delved into the film’s distinctive exploration of how a woman’s anger can affect her fertility—a less-explored topic in cinema.

Abraham provided insights into the movie’s narrative, emphasizing its importance and urging women, particularly those aspiring to have children, to be mindful of their emotions. She highlighted the significance of addressing this aspect in storytelling for broader awareness.

Speaking about her new movie coming this month called Malaika and how it deals with how a woman’s anger can affect her ability to have children, Toyin Abraham said during the interview:

TOYIN ABRAHAM: I am grateful to God for everything and how far we have come. It has indeed been a beautiful year and we are rounding it off with Malaika. It is an action drama that follows the story of a barren woman who battles rivalry and repeated miscarriages. As she continues struggling to cope with her infertility and anger issues, she realizes it’s time to embark on a

spiritual journey to find healing. She later finds out that no seed grows where the soil is heated. There are lots of lessons to take home from Malaika. Seeds don’t grow where the soil is heated; everyone, especially women should know this.

I just wanted a perfect cast and a good movie, so I had to go out of my way to get them. The outcome is mind-blowing. Fans should come out on December 22 to see Malaika. I wish them good luck and success as they do so. My fans should also expect more relatable stories from me

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