“We veteran actresses are not A§hĕwo, I am scæred of the younger ones coming”– Veteran actress Iya Osogbo says

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Grace Oyin Adejobi, the veteran Nollywood actress widely known as Iya Osogbo, courageously confronts the enduring stereotype that actresses need to engage in sexual relations to secure roles in the Nigerian film industry.

Addressing the belief that Nollywood actresses achieve success through connections with wealthy individuals, she counters the notion and advocates for a shift in such perceptions within the industry.

In a recent interview with Mr lilgaga, Iya Osogbo clarified these claims as false, saying the notion of “$ex for role” is a fallacy and that success in Nollywood is based on talent, hard work, and dedication.

Watch her speak below:

Naijalegit reported earlier that In a heartwarming events, popular content creator Mr LiLGaGa took veteran actress Grace Oyin Adejobi better known as Iya Osogbo on a date.

In a video shared by Mr LiLgaGa,he approached Iya Osogbo with an invitation for a date and she graciously accepted the offer.

The two embarked on a fun-filled adventure. Mr LiLGaGa shared this heartwarming experience between himself and the veteran on his social media platform describing how they spent the date .

He wrote,”I TOOK IYA OSOGBO ON A DATE SND GAVE HER FLOWERS 🌹. The Date between Iya OSOGBO and I is filled with love and beautiful memories. I don’t know what you’ll feel while watch this video but I know what I felt and how many times I smiled . I watched Eran Iya OSOGBO again and I’m so in love with this 93 year old Jesus GB (normal JESUS GIRL BADDIE in the days of our cheerful giver from heaven ) .

I had to give her her flowers and tell as many times as possible that I love her and want to see her smiling always.She misses being on screen and would love to me seen more often.”

Throughout their outing, Mr LiLgaGa captured their moments on camera, sharing them with his followers on social media. The videos and photos quickly went viral, with fans amused by the unexpected pairing and their genuine connection.

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