“Someone’s Serious Babe”: Lady Caught on Camera Stealing Couple’s Money at Wedding, (Video)

Written by fazazy39

The video of a lady stealing money while purportedly assisting a couple has ignited diverse reactions.

While some criticize her actions, others argue they might have done the same. The incident has sparked a range of opinions on social media.

According to the information provided in the clip, the lady was supposedly assisting the couple in collecting money sprayed on them when she engaged in the theft.

The video captures the lady, holding a bag of money meant for the couple, discreetly dipping her hand into it and concealing the cash in a waist bag.

The video below;

The video sparked diverse reactions,

user5227312281188 sharing a personal wedding experience,

D Wyze1 Comedy directed followers to an article about a lady caught on camera stealing money at a wedding.

QUEEN PERRY reacts with surprise, noting the audacity,l.

lady j. sees it as a commonplace act.

derin hair-institute believes everyone is capable,

Khennie vhibez compliments the girl’s looks, and others share their own similar experiences. Interesting perspectives!

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