Is this man still a prophet; or he’s only seeking fame and money now- Prophet Odedoyin Ezekiel blast Pastor Agbala Gabriel

Written by fazazy39

Prophet Odedoyin Olawumi Ezekiel asserts on social media that the renowned prophet Pastor Agbala Gabriel, based in Ibadan, has forsaken his divine calling, suggesting he is now motivated solely by a pursuit of fame and fortune.

Prophet Odedoyin Olawumi Ezekiel claimed to have seen Pastor Agbala Gabriel, who is well-known for being a divine prophet, in a vision.

Ezekiel claims that the pastor has turned away from serving God and is now more concerned with being well-known and acquiring fortune.

Notably, Prophet Odedoyin Olawumi Ezekiel didn’t stop there; he went on to claim that individuals attending Pastor Agbala Gabriel’s church are not genuine members but rather seek his assistance.

He further advised him to change his ways to avoid the wrath of God.

Watch him speak below:

Naijalegit reported earlier that, controversial blogger Esabod took to social media to express her views on the philanthropic activities of Pastor Agbala Gabriel.

Esabod questioned the pastor’s approach to charity, suggesting that he should focus on building homes for the needy rather than constructing houses for individuals.

In a video shared on her platform, Esabod argued that Pastor Agbala Gabriel’s generosity might be perceived as partial if he continues to build houses for specific individuals.

She emphasized the importance of creating a more inclusive impact by establishing homes that cater to a broader spectrum of people in need.

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