Tope Maggie, a Nigerian chef, reportedly surpasses the Guinness World Record for cooking set by Irish chef Alan Fisher, clocking in at 119 hours and 57 minutes.

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Temitope Adebayo, also known as Tope Maggie, reportedly establishes a new Guinness World Record for marathon cooking, surpassing Irish chef Alan Fisher’s previous mark of 119 hours and 57 minutes.

In a TikTok video captioned ‘The record is broken, congrats to Nigeria, Oyo State, Chef Tope Maggie,’ he received applause from his fans.

Tope’s achievement is significant for Nigeria as it regains the title of the longest continuous cooking from Alan Fisher, who had recently surpassed chef Hilda Bassey’s 93-hour record.

Tope, with a background in Hotel Management from the Federal Polytechnic in Ede, Osun State, earned the nickname ‘Maggie’ from his mother, who taught him the art of cooking. Currently, he manages a chain of restaurants in Ogbomoso.


Naijalegit compiled reactions from various individuals:

  • @dammygtnet expressed, “Congratulations to him! This is lovely.”
  • @Ayoaderidwan7 raised concerns, stating, “I hope he did it the right way.”
  • @iCONSam_ conveyed congratulations, saying, “Congratulations to him.”
  • @kingdozie2606 cautioned against repetition, commenting, “People don’t learn. Hilda cooked food and won. Then Dammi came from nowhere to cook the same food Hilda cooked, and she thinks she will become the next Hilda. Now another person is doing the same. No publicity, no sponsorship. Can’t you look for something else to do instead of cooking.”
  • @duke_of_mosho shared pride, declaring, “We’re proud of him; this is a remarkable feat.”
  • @Iam_lammy suggested recognition from Guinness World Records, stating, “@GWR crown him ASAP!”
  • @kunletunji_ extended congratulations, saying, “Congratulations @cheftopemaggie.”

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