Actress Debbie Shokayo faces substantial criticism for featuring Sam Larry in her new movie, with questions raised about the choice.

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Nollywood actress Debbie Shokayo came under heavy criticism has she shared a picture from her new movie with colleagues online.

Actress Debbie revealed her new movie online titled ‘my love languages ‘ the picture which make almost all the comments user to be insisting on why will he features Sam Larry in her new movie.

The man in the picture not Sam Larry but another Nollywood actor but his side look, look exactly like Sam Larry.

See The Pictures Below;

See How Netizen question her for featuring Sam Larry I’m her new movie.

Official_moore: So na Samlarry u see for whole industry to act with 😂😂😂.

Nikesticnik: Wetin be this?Abi Na my eye never clear from sleep?Sammy Larry🤮🤮

Folagold72: 😂😂😂😂 why be say na Sammy Larry people dey see 😂.

Mrmightstudio: Haha mogbe🙆‍♂️ I don later cast samlarry📸 😂 @debbie_shokoya.

Ayomikuokikiola: Weldone DBS👏 ❤️, Can’t Wait For This Magic!!.

Kingzeez1: Every tribe as there language,even love as is own 🔥🔥🔥

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