Abeg Is It Possible To Travel With House”– Popular Comedian Woli Agba In Surprise As He Saw Caravan In UK

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Popular Nigerian Comedian Woli Agba stirred reactions has he revealed that he saw how they were transporting house with lorry in the United Kingdom.

The singer and comedian asked politely using his Instagram page if it was true that what the lorry was carrying was a house.

Netizens reacted to the video in different ways, some revealed that it was a house and they even built the same in Nigeria too.

While some just laugh at him for seeing such kind of things for the first time.

He Wrote: Please my UK people, I need an answer. So is this true? Watch

Watch The Video Below;

See How his fans reacted to the video below;

Mr_steve_7836: Lol stop taking videos of other people’s properties… private property! Don’t get a law suit on your neck sir.

Officialmcpamilerin: Daddy where did you keep the offering box sir, have been searching everywhere,I no see am😂😂.

Toyasolabint: Lol its a caravan… a lot of people have it, and they travel with it to a location for a holiday…lol Pele…😂.

Kaycute01: They deliver it to any land of your choice in Uk. Even if you need it beside the President white house 😂😂😂.

Bunmimorakinyo: Daddy wa is call caravan 😁😁you can take it along with you when you are going anywhere for days u won’t spend money on hotels n all you need is Dre is like a home.

Gbeolahan_: Might be a farmer that want to move out of the area he’s staying before. So all this house won’t have no basement at all* it’s moveable.

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