Prince Eke rebukes Mr Ibu, stating, “You were committing incest; maybe your problem is spiritual.”

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Popular actor, Prince Eke, shares insights on Mr Ibu’s health challenges, suggesting they might have a spiritual origin rather than a physical one.

This follows recent reports alleging that Mr Ibu was involved in an inappropriate relationship with his adopted daughter, Jasmine, as captured in a viral audio recording where he purportedly admits to the accusation.

The news triggered mixed reactions on social media, leaving many bewildered and in disbelief. Some skeptics suggested that the audio might have been doctored.

In response, Prince Eke expressed his thoughts on the matter through his Instagram page.

Prince Eke expressed uncertainty about what to believe but acknowledged that if the allegations were true, it would mean Mr Ibu had been involved in incest. He suggested that Mr Ibu’s current health problems might have spiritual roots rather than purely physical causes.

Prince Eke urged Mr Ibu to seek forgiveness from God, emphasizing that presenting his side chick as his daughter and engaging in a secretive relationship could be considered a sinful act.

Prince Eke shared his perspective, writing:

“Honestly do NOT know the truth in the different versions of the story. But ‘IF’ the said adopted daughter was/is actually a side chick you were I are having sex with. And you had the mind to introduce her to the world and to your family as a ‘daughter’. Bros, you were committing incest and you need to ask God for forgiveness. ASAP. Family isn’t only biological. There are many tags you should have given her. Bestie, family friend, colleague, etc. but NOT ‘daughter’. #mv2cents”

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