“You too want to rip me” – Young Duu calls out Carter Efe over the ownership of their new song Oyinmo (Video)

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In a recent video circulating online, Young Duu, a former signee of Portable, calls out Carter Efe regarding the ownership of their new song “Oyinmo.”

After Young Duu’s departure from Portable’s Zeh Nation record label, comedian Carter Efe extended support and accommodation to him.

On November 8th, 2023, the audio and music video for “Oyinmo” by Carter Efe and Young Duu were released, captivating numerous hearts and garnering significant replay value.

Contrary to popular belief, Carter Efe claims ownership of the song, naming Young Duu as a featured artist in the hit “Oyinmo.” Despite starting the #Oyinmochallenge and performing the song solo at events, Carter Efe asserts his ownership.

During an Instagram live video, Young Duu confronts Carter Efe, alleging that the comedian wants to exploit him. Young Duu asserts that he is the sole owner of the song, providing all the lyrics throughout.

Young Duu accuses Carter Efe of using industry tactics to take over the song, performing it at shows without him. He emphasizes that Carter Efe, being a comedian, lacks singing skills.

Furthermore, Young Duu claims that Carter Efe pressured him to release an album, but he is still considering it. In his words, “I’m the one who owned the song, I’ve been ripped; Someone else has taken over my song! Carter used industry brain to collect my song, going to show with my song. He is a comedian, not a singer.”

Young Duu reveals the pressure to drop an album and expresses frustration with Carter Efe taking credit without providing genuine support.

Watch the video below;

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