“I’ve been in the acting profession for over 40 years without a stable source of income” – Veteran Actress Abeni Agbon appeals for assistance through Popular Comedian Kamo State.

Written by fazazy39

Through his social media platform, Popular Comedian Kamo State has appealed for financial assistance for veteran actress Abeni Agbon.

Kamo State urges Nigerians to extend support to Abeni Agbon while she is still alive.

He requested his fans to suggest how Abeni Agbon could utilize the forthcoming donations they plan to contribute for her.

Supporting our veteran actors and actresses is crucial, as they appear to lack sufficient resources, and their junior colleagues may not be providing adequate assistance.

He expressed,

“Celebrating our legends while they’re alive is the best appreciation. In honor of Actress Abeni Agbon, a veteran with over 40 years of experience, we aim to provide her with a stable income. She’s not unwell, nor seeking donations for any ailment. Let’s contribute to make her happy—help her own a shop and sell whatever she desires. If you’d like to be part of this project, kindly send your donations to 0138509506 UNION BANK AKINYOOLA AYOOLA B @kamo_state GOD BLESS YOU❤️

Watch The Video Below;

Social Media Reactions to the Video:

Olajumoke2304: @temilolasobola, may God reward your act of love with long life to enjoy the fruit of your labor. Well done.

Sharmhefitz: Temilola ❤️🙌, your name will always speak for you in all your endeavors. 👏 Your reputation is outstanding.

Lim_turarenwuta: I remember her; she seems to enjoy acting, wearing white sometimes and the black and red attire that flies at night. She knows everything about it. God bless her.

Darahamzz: I really like this woman; she’s very vibrant and excels in every aspect of acting. 👏👏👏

Slimcash_indy: @temilolasobola fans, let’s go! 💪 Let’s start our movement from here. ✌️

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