“Davido expresses emotional reaction to his inaugural Grammy nominations, emphasizing that delay is not denial.”

Written by fazazy39

Breaking his silence post three Grammy nominations, Davido joyfully expressed that “delay is not denial.” This heartfelt acknowledgment follows years of speculation about when the influential artist would receive Grammy recognition, notably after wins by peers Burna Boy and Wizkid.

In a strategic move reported by Kimi Filani in October 2023, Davido proactively submitted his name and his album, “Timeless,” for the 2024 Grammy Awards. This calculated maneuver aimed for nominations in Album of the Year and Best Global Music Album, showcasing Davido’s ambition on the grand stage. His chart-topping hits “Unavailable” and “Feel” joined the fray in the Song of the Year category, along with a surprising entry as a Best New Artist nominee, raising eyebrows given his established tenure in the industry.

Davido’s tweet, celebrating the nominations with “delay is not denial,” echoes his longstanding dream of Grammy recognition. The three nominations mark a significant milestone in his illustrious career.

Reflecting on his journey, Davido’s 2023 album, “Timeless,” received widespread acclaim, solidifying his position as one of Nigeria’s foremost artists. The album featured tracks that gained global recognition, further establishing Davido’s influence in the international music scene.

Congratulatory messages from fans and fellow artists underscore the collective joy and recognition of Davido’s achievement. His Grammy nominations have a profound impact on the global music stage, with fans eagerly anticipating the awards night to see if Davido will triumph in the coveted categories.

The upcoming Grammy Awards are poised to be a defining moment for Davido, adding another chapter to his remarkable musical journey.

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