Nollywood actor Kelvin Ikeduba faced criticism from a Nigerian lady who questioned why a celebrity like him would choose to travel on public transport, specifically a public bus.Video

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A video circulating online shows Nollywood actor Kelvin Ikeduba traveling inside a public bus, sparking a challenge from a Nigerian lady who questions why a celebrity would choose such transportation.

A Nigerian lady challenges Nollywood actor Kelvin Ikeduba for traveling in a public bus, questioning why a celebrity like him would choose such transport. Ikeduba responds, stating it’s his Sienna and he’s free to travel with it.

Social media users expressed their opinions, stating that celebrities taking public transportation is not a crime, emphasizing that celebrities are also human.

While there’s nothing wrong with celebrities using public transportation, Nigerians on social media often engage in projecting fake lifestyles. However, Kelvin Ikeduba is not known for such behavior.

Watch The Video Below;

Social Media Reactions:

  • Paulgoodguy: Some people are just so oblivious, especially in Nigeria. Saw it on PT, and the comments are just nonsense. They don’t care if you’ve eaten or how life is; all they ask is, “WHERE IS YOUR CAR?”
  • Hotylioness: Maybe they’re shooting a movie; Nigerians and drama. Riding public transport is a crime now, apparently.
  • Tolani_baby_: Celebrities are humans too, maybe he just wants to explore. The comments about capping on a bike are just hilarious.
  • Iam_dopeteezy: Problems will find you even when you’re just enjoying fresh air. Life of a celebrity, I guess.
  • Cashbenkid: Being famous is stressful; you have to please people who don’t understand how you want to live. 🤦‍♂️

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