“I’m The Only One Who Knows How I Gave Birth To Those Children”– Wife of Man Who DNA Test Showed 4 Kids Are Not His Children Finally Open Up About Who Fathers Her Children (Watch)

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Olarenwaju Kolawole, a Nigerian man who recently discovered through a DNA test that four of his children are not biologically his, has reacted to the revelation.

His wife, who was taken aback by the results, claims that she knows exactly how she became pregnant with those children. She has now come forward to share her perspective on the situation.

After the revelation of a DNA test showing that her husband, Olarenwaju Kolawole, is not the biological father of four of her children, Toyin Arike, his wife, has publicly responded to the results.

This has sparked discussions and opinions on social media regarding her reaction to the test results.

As reported by Naijalegit, a DNA test was carried out at the DDC DNA Diagnostic Centre in Alakoko, Osogbo.

The results of the test revealed that Olarenwaju Kolawole was not the biological father of the children in question, leading to his strong emotional reaction.

Toyin, who works in the healthcare field, made her sentiments clear in a live reaction, expressing her reluctance to accept the DNA test results. She stated that she has concerns about the whereabouts and identities of the samples used in the test.

In response to the DNA test results, Toyin expressed her reluctance to accept them. She stated, “I don’t accept the result because I wasn’t there when they took samples, and I don’t know which sample they took, so I don’t accept it. I can’t accept it because I know how I conceived those children.”

It’s worth noting that a data analysis from a DNA testing laboratory in Lagos suggests that 26 percent of Nigerian males are not the biological fathers of their children.

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People have reacted to Toyin Arike’s response to the DNA test results with various opinions:

@BusyBrity suggested that if Toyin is confident in her claims, she should try another hospital and conduct another DNA test.

@JosephOnuorah expressed his concern about the situation, acknowledging the strong bond between the children and the family but suggesting that Toyin should be held accountable for the deceit.

@OligboJ proposed that Toyin should also undergo a DNA test to confirm her biological relationship with the children to rule out any hospital mix-up.

@OkobiaOseyi emphasized the need for empathy, understanding, and support in such challenging situations.

@Judibaby3 expressed surprise at the revelation, particularly the fact that there were four children involved.

@NwaforUkpor raised concerns that if the government doesn’t address this trend, men may take matters into their own hands.

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