“Hope no be say you snatch another woman husband” Netizens query Ruth Kadiri as she marks 5th wedding anniversary without revealing husband’s identity

Written by fazazy39

Nollywood actress Ruth Kadiri has faced criticism on social media for her persistent decision to keep her husband’s identity hidden.

On the occasion of her fifth wedding anniversary, she expressed her love and appreciation for her partner by posting a heartfelt message and a picture of their intertwined hands on her Instagram profile.

In celebrating five years of marriage, Ruth Kadiri conveyed her gratitude for her wonderful partner, emphasizing the joy and peace she finds in their union.

However, her ongoing practice of concealing her husband’s identity has raised questions and concerns among some netizens, who voiced their curiosity and opinions in the article’s comment section.

Here are some additional comments from the blog post:

  • Mr. Raand expressed support for Ruth Kadiri’s decision to keep her husband hidden due to the potential wickedness of people, especially among women.
  • Mawrine Cheks hinted at the possibility that Nigerians might discover her husband’s identity one day.
  • Gifty remarked humorously on the continued secrecy surrounding her husband’s face.
  • Laure Fabrics and Collection commended Ruth Kadiri for maintaining her privacy, even suggesting that not even gossip outlets like Gistlover could uncover her husband’s identity.
  • Oge Snazzy praised Ruth Kadiri for her unproblematic nature.
  • Mmayen emphasized the extent of Ruth Kadiri’s privacy, suggesting that even Google couldn’t reveal her husband’s identity.

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