“You’re not A queen mother, You’re a h0e” – Verydarkman throws subtle shade at Iyabo Ojo hours after tagging herself “queen mother”

Written by fazazy39

Controversial social media commentator VeryDarkman has subtly criticized actress Iyabo Ojo, referring to her as a ‘hoe.’

This remark by VeryDarkman follows Iyabo Ojo’s post where she shared stunning photos of herself, labeling herself as the “Queen mother.” She wrote, “There’s a reason I’m a Queen Mother. Stay true to you… Queen Mother for a reason!!”

A few hours after Iyabo Ojo posted her photos and praised herself, VeryDarkman took to his Instagram story to make a derogatory comment about the actress.

VeryDarkman explained that he had faced blackmail attempts, but he didn’t yield to the pressure. He also stated that nobody can influence or advise him regarding the perceptions he holds.

He wrote, “Your queen mother is a hoe, and she’s well aware of it. They wouldn’t have tried to blackmail me. I informed them that I am ten times more formidable than their ‘gistlovers.’ They have emotions, but I don’t. They are sensitive, I am not. They are sentimental, I am not. Lastly, you can’t control a man if you don’t pay his bills. They engage in low-quality discussions, but I do not partake in such conversations. It’s not filthy enough for my taste. I love the filth, and it’s even more putrid. I relish the filth, and I’ll savor it with bread. Nobody can erase me.”

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